4 People Who Should NOT Stay at The William

The William Hotel is not for everyone....

Just as figuring out who your Perfect Guest is, within the hotel industry, it becomes even MORE important to figure out who will NOT enjoy your hotel. We like to think that everyone has a place at The William, however it’s simply not true! We treat every guest the way we would treat our family, so if there is someone on the line we feel would be happier if they were closer to their wedding site, or if they wanted a pool for their kiddos, we are GOING to refer them to one of the Hill Country‘s best lodging locations that provide the best in any arena we cannot.  Below you’ll find the types of guests who would definitely be happy at another hotel.

1.  The Pet Lover

As a luxury hotel, we choose to maintain a no pets policy, as we desperately want to make sure the noise, and allergies are at a minimal. We also do not provide some of the fun amenities that pet specialized lodging can. We do take medical support animals, but not emotional support animals. You want a place that is ready to take your animal and treat him with just as much love as they provide you. This is their vacation too, choose a hotel that welcomes them with open arms.

2.  The Pool Enthusiast

We do not have a pool, nor claim to, but sometimes there is an expectation especially when on a family vacation that there will be a pool for the kids. We are only 11 rooms, elevated on a balcony in the middle of Main Street.

3.  The Late Night Party Seeker

Boerne is growing faster than we can all believe, but the town does shut down at a reasonable hour. Your best bet is to bring the party to your ROOM! We provide ice buckets, refrigeration, and coffee makers. With The William you get your own party feel. Our balcony is perfect for mixing and mingling with friends, and it feels like the whole place is yours. Even if Boerne is closed, you can party at The William!

4.  The In-Room Chef

We do provide the best in our in room refrigeration upon request, and have coffee makers, however, we do not have in room kitchens to prepare meals on site. Cooking classes are given upon request, and with planning by Chef Paul Thompson just downstairs at our restaurant of choice, Cypress Grille, however there is that one guest who wants the whole shabang with a full kitchen. We have referrals for these quests upon request as there are multiple Air B&B’s around Boerne.

We have referrals for all of our guests, for anything they might be looking for, and with such clear boundaries around who would truly be happy at The William, we are able to be the local experts for those needing anything we don’t have!

2 thoughts on “4 People Who Should NOT Stay at The William

  1. Thanks for the info re: animals. Unfortunately, pet-friendly hotels are kind of a make-or-break factor for me (at least, once my cat and I are able to travel again). I appreciate you being very up-front about this!

    1. Thank you for being up front about your needs! We are obsessed with giving EVERYONE who calls us the BEST experience possible, and we know we are not the best choice for people traveling with their pets. We highly recommend three delightful choices that embrace the pet hotel experience, just call us, and we’d love to help!
      Scarlett Ramey, Owner
      (361) 420-1270

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