The William and Cypress Grille Introduce Room Service!

Room service at The William

Room service is a definite favorite for most hotel guests, so we are proud to make this long-awaited announcement! Cypress Grille, located just below The William Hotel, is the benchmark of gourmet dining in Boerne. Restaurant owner and sommelier Paul Thompson and head chef Kevin Babbitt have created a menu of original flavors that simply cannot be duplicated. Combined with their top-shelf wait-staff, Cypress Grille is an easy favorite, and now you can enjoy the same great food delivered right to your room when you stay at The William!

In each of our 11 luxury rooms you’ll find a Cypress Grille menu complete with simple ordering instructions. We’ll take your order and your preferred credit card and handle all the details in between so that you can relax while your food is prepared and delivered. You can even take advantage of Cypress Grille’s discounts on wine bottles every Wednesday!

Room service is even available during the current COVID-19 pandemic! The William remains open according to the Mayor of Boerne, Tim Handren, as do many of the restaurants in the city. We are continuing to maintain our hotel in accordance with the CDC recommendations to ensure that The William is a safe place for guests to stay. Offering room service to our guests is just another way we can ensure safety against COVID-19 since it allows our guests to order remotely and have their meal delivered by Cypress Grille to their door, maintaining social distancing guidelines.

We plan to continue offering our guests this service even after the COVID-19 pandemic as well. Boerne is made up of many locally owned and operated businesses, and we believe that working together and coordinating with each other is the best way to ensure a great experience for our visitors as well as our local economy. Coming together with Cypress Grille to offer outstanding food to our guests is a logical step and one we are very proud to take!

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