5 Ways to Help YOUR Community From Home!

Tips for doing good in your community from home!

As frustrating as it may seem, one of the best ways to help your community right now is to stay home, stay safe, and do what you can to stay healthy in your body, mind and spirit. This is a relatively easy way to help stop the viral spread, and yet it feels infuriatingly like we’re doing nothing by simply staying home. Fortunately there are other ways to help those in need in your community right from your home quarantine! 

Be a Smart Donor!

This is where the good in the internet and social media really has it’s chance to shine! There are so many charities, fundraisers, and good causes popping up across Facebook alone right now, not to mention the other social avenues and websites. A word of warning here though; while this is an amazing opportunity for good, do a little research and fact-checking before you donate! It’s pretty easy to just hop on the internet and message or call the place where donations are said to be going to and ask them to verify that the third party is legitimately helping them out. 

Most of the time you’ll be good to go, but sometimes even your local store or restaurant gets in over their heads with good intentions and ends up not knowing what to do with your donations and they never make it to the intended cause.

Easy Ways to Help Your Community!

1. Buy a meal from a local restaurant!

Your local restaurants need your support! Many local eateries are providing take-out and even delivery right now! Even buying one meal a week from your favorite restaurant (or try something new!) is a huge help to these establishments and helps ensure a healthy comeback for your community when the pandemic ends! PLUS, many restaurants have a charity program! Cypress Grille, one of Boerne’s oldest Main Street restaurants is taking donations to feed the Kendall County Women’s Shelter! Simply text DONATE to (206) 910-8690 and we’ll get right back to you! You’ll even receive a letter of giving from the shelter for your tax write-off!

2. Buy a meal for someone else!

Speaking of restaurants that deliver! If you know someone in the community who can’t work, is elderly, or just needs some help right now, have a meal delivered to their doorstep! You can do it anonymously or have the restaurant include a special note to them. It does not take a lot to brighten someone’s day and make their life a little easier!

3. Plan a Corona-Safe Date Night!

Many areas are safe enough to keep their essential businesses open. Places like restaurants and hotels are in fact considered essential! If you and your loved one are in the low-risk population and need to get out of your quarantine for a bit, help your local tourism industry stay alive during this time and book a night at a hotel you trust! At The William, we have worked tirelessly to maintain our high standards of cleanliness throughout this time and can even offer zero-contact check-in!

4. Help your community animal shelter!

Even though animals are not at risk to contract the virus, they still need a little extra love during the COVID-19 pandemic! Give your local animal shelter a call and find out what they need! You can have items such as food, beds, kitty litter, and puppy pads safely delivered to where they’re needed by ordering online from pet supply websites! Again, you can do it all from the safety of your own home quarantine thanks to the internet! Yay, technology!

5. Help by becoming an online star!

There are SO MANY WAYS to help that cost nothing at all! Grab your phone and record yourself reading a children’s book for kids; know how to play an instrument? Teach other people how on Facebook Live; Know how to knit, crochet, or do some other craft or skill like cooking or at-home science experiments? Record it and post it! Do a live video! If you’re an entrepreneur, build your following by giving free business or marketing tips. Whatever you do, share it with the world! We’re all watching right now!

This is a fantastic time to get creative with how we can help each other and our communities. The Coronavirus hit the reset button on the world in a lot of ways and has given us time to regroup, realize what is really important, and appreciate the simple things. So pour yourself another cup of coffee, hit the couch and go do some remote good for those in need!

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