2020 Resolutions & How to Adapt Them to COVID-19

Adjusting your New Year's Resolutions

The top 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2020 were to exercise more, save money, eat more healthily, lose weight, and reduce stress. If your resolution was to save money, then the COVID-19 pandemic might actually be helping you out, but if you fell into any of the other 4 categories, you may need to re-strategize to achieve your goals this year. At The William, our entire team takes New Year’s intentions very seriously, so here are some ideas to help you stay on track!

Resolution to Exercise More

If you were just finding your groove at the gym when the pandemic derailed the world, it can be difficult to switch gears without losing your momentum. Fortunately there are some other options for you to keep up your exercising goals, such as going outside for a walk or run; breathing in the fresh air and getting some sunshine is great for your health and can be more fun than hitting the treadmill every day. Try out any of the free online exercise classes available right now; many trainers, gyms and studios are offering free classes through their own websites or social media to help people stay active during the pandemic. The William’s own Lindsey Hayden has begun producing yoga videos on her website that you can practice with. Check your Facebook feed or search for free exercise classes online for more options!

Eat More Healthily

Many of us have a sudden abundance of extra time on our hands, and if your resolution was to start eating a healthier diet, why not use this time to try out some new recipes! You can find thousands of recipes, videos, and tutorials on the internet for healthy eating, from simple tricks and cooking techniques to full instructions on how to create a healthy meal plan for the next month, you can find it all on your phone or laptop. Making small changes to your current diet and adding to that over time is a great way to achieve lasting improvements!

Losing Weight

This one can feel extra difficult with most of us restricted to our homes to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but with some compassion for yourself and a couple adjustments, you can stay on track with this New Year’s resolution too! Remember, as a global community we are going through something traumatic that affects us all in different ways and it’s ok to be afraid, in denial, frustrated, or any other emotion you’re feeling about it. With that, it is also very important to take care of yourself as much as possible. Take some of the ideas from the previous two resolutions in this blog and try them out, see how you can get creative with forming new habits and build on those!

Reduce Stress

This resolution has probably made it into many people’s top priorities recently. Thankfully, like exercise, there are many resources available to you right now on your phone and laptop. MelMarie Yoga is an excellent source for guided meditations, breathing exercises, and yoga practices. You can also try out different apps for your smartphone that offer meditation and mindfulness exercises. Go online and search guided meditation on YouTube and you’ll have thousands of options with a variety of themes to choose from.

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