4 Unconventional Ways to Hack Happiness

Happiness hacks for you to try

We have been trying SO hard to find meaning in this time of unrest, that we have forgotten our natural state of happiness. We are here to help you hack happiness in just 4 unconventional ways!

Happiness Hack #1

Recognize the happiness that IS there. This isn’t a glass half empty or half full discussion. It’s about looking in our glass of happiness and recognizing what is there. How full your glass is does not matter, it’s about recognizing that there IS some happiness in the glass. Your favorite pet’s antics, or Netflix show, anything that gives you the sense of overall happiness and peace in a general sense.

Happiness Hack #2

Remember “Fun” and Happiness are not the same thing. Often we experience fun as a method of escaping hurt, pain, or hardship; Not finding happiness. We do not need to be having fun in order to be happy. Fun is generally the part of the glass that is not filled with happiness. It is comprised of feelings we think we can control, but are just temporarily suspending or denying. Notice next time you want to have fun, the feelings you may be suspending. Then return to Happiness Hack #1.

Happiness Hack #3

Take the Buddhist approach that life is all a cosmic joke. What might the punchline be if we were to adopt this philosophy for even a day. Things might seem brighter, easier, and less intense. Use humor to Hack your own Happiness, as laughter is actually medicinal, and so needed in this time of unrest. 

Happiness Hack #4

Practice gratitude. I know, I know. This is what they all say, but we can practice this differently if we take a scientific approach to it. Try writing down how happy you’re feeling on a scale of 1-10. Then, set a timer for 5 minutes (remember this is scientific). As you start the timer, write with a paper and pen/pencil without thinking ALL of the things you can think of that make you happy or that you are grateful for without stopping to correct anything, or re read what you wrote. Once the timer has stopped, drop your writing implement, even if it’s mid-sentence, and read what you wrote. THEN scale your happiness again, 1-10, and see if it has improved. Happiness hack in less than 10 minutes? Now that’s worth at least a try!

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