Tip Tuesday to Help YOUR Local Businesses

Tips Tuesday to help the economy and make you feel good too!

Super excited about this week’s Business Tip Tuesday! It’s a tip for your favorite business, and it’s a tip for your personal life! This Business Tip Tuesday will make you feel amazing, appreciated, and noticed for ALL the good you’re already doing out there to help your community through this COVID-19 unrest. Let me explain.

We KNOW you’ve had those days where you feel exhausted from being everything you have, to a world that needs it all. When sweet souls like you give their all, and the world fails to give even the slightest appreciation, or notice, we know you can get easily worn down.  We know you deserve all the kudos for what you do, even if you only need one or two. There is a reason for this!  Without gratitude, sympathetic people like yourself lose drive and energy to continue. Gratitude is honestly fuel for the giving soul’s engine. With just a little gratitude, people like you seem able to do much more for your community than others.

You don’t require anyone to hold you on their shoulders, parading you around the neighborhood, but just a simple notice of all your doing and maybe a small thank you would keep you bending over backwards for people for a long time.  When you start to feel as though the world just doesn’t recognize all you have to offer, This. Is. The. Cure! In just one simple act you can instantly feel better about your giving, and more rejuvenated to continue the good work so many are depending on you to do!

Figure out the restaurant or food business you miss being open more than ANY other. The place you felt most comfortable sitting down alone, or with friends and family. Call and order your favorite dish to go, and when they ask for your credit card, tell them you want to tip 100% of the bill. They will probably ask if you’re joking, but really, assure them you truly want to do this out of appreciation for them still being open, and to let them know how much you miss coming to their establishment. The food, and beverages you order will taste that much better, and you’ll feel better about giving back to the place YOU most appreciate. Regardless of their response, you’ll know you did the right thing by a business that supports YOU being the rock you are.

We wouldn’t suggest you EVER do this often, or for ANY business who has not been supportive of you in the past, as it will have the opposite effect. Appreciating the support you normally get, and that we all take advantage of, will create the SAME effect as BEING appreciated for the support you give. Go gettum’, and we will be back with more Tip Tuesdays!

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