Celebrating the Strength of a Small Town

small town pride in Boerne, Texas

This Wednesday, all of us at The William are celebrating the strengthening of our small town! Kendall County really has done an incredible job keeping our numbers of infection to a minimum at only 12 cases, when counties just miles away have their numbers in the hundreds. Thanks to Tim Handren, Boerne’s Mayor, as well as all of the businesses and restaurants that have altered their operations to decrease contact, we are still only in the double digits. 

The creativity we have witnessed to spread good will is astounding. People in our community are coming together in spirit instead of physically to protect the whole town. Masks are being created for donation to our medical community, fresh eggs are being delivered to homes who need extra food, and groceries are being sold at a discount, by restaurants who can’t use what they normally order, to people in the community who are rightfully scared to go to the grocery stores. Many restaurants are doing this in the open air to further protect people from contraction.

As far away as we are told to be from one another, we are coming together more than ever as a town to, as one, protect our town from COVID-19. This disease has no agenda, and targets all of us the same regardless of race, creed, income, etc. 

The one thing we do know about this virus is that it easily infects the disbanded. Documented cities, towns, and even neighborhoods who have differing opinions on how to handle this virus or feel loose in their willingness to protect against the spread, have shown a logarithmic rise in COVID-19 diagnoses. 

Our town has taken this seriously and have done the opposite. As Boerne, we are so banded together to protect our community against this, that we are actually keeping our numbers down. As we band together and commit to do what we know is needed, we all end up struggling somewhat, but the numbers show how astronomical the impact is of our collective efforts.

Those who have gone to curbside delivery only, who have lost so much business truly have sacrificed their income ALL to protect our town. Those of you who wear those super uncomfortable masks to H-E-B are ALL sacrificing your comfort to protect our town. Those who make donations to the shelters who need it are ALL protecting our town. Our commitment to sacrificing our sweet freedom of daily pleasantries is literally fighting a viral WAR. As we keep our commitment of small sacrifices toward this agenda of, “Not our town,” by almost everyone in Boerne, we are protecting our community from a global pandemic. 

We are the reason our economy will come back stronger than ever, and just KNOW: every step you are taking is ACTUALLY working. YOU are protecting Boerne, YOU are saving lives, and YOU are winning this viral war EVERY DAY!

Just know we are so proud of all the efforts you’ve made to help protect this awesome town of Boerne, Thank you.

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