Think It Through Thursday: Future Forward

Looking forward to the future

Let’s actually think this Thursday about our future. But let’s try to think it all the way through. Right now, in the moment of this day, this week, or this month we have all FELT the challenge of this isolation to some extent. The feeling ranges are pretty narrow right now, as they only only range from mildly uncomfortable to crippling fear. We can all in some sense agree that we are definitely in a low point. If we go with our feelings, dismal tends to turn into agony or struggle.  Ok, I’ll stop with the pep talks, and get to the point. 

So, as we think this thing through this Thursday, we will look and and try to deeply understand our REAL beliefs.  The outcome of this viral war, we are all trying our best to fight is positive, if we allow ourselves to think about it. Almost no one would bet money on the fact that COVID-19 will be the end of the world.  It’s just not practical. 

But what DO we think? When we THINK things all the way through, we tend to open ourselves to a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, just out of practicality. The idea/thought that this period will end at some point, and we will, not just go back to normal, but create ways to connect even deeper, seems logical. If we THINK about it. So thinking it through, we are able to come to a pretty optimistic outlook, that actually seems realistic. How exciting!

Letting our feelings take the reigns of our psyche is where we get into trouble. Our feelings can create wild monsters in our imagination, all of which are very real if we can’t think them back down. We all know people that race through the grocery store, panicked to get toilet paper, when they have a whole guest bedroom filled with it. We know them and (almost) never judge them. It seems to us that they are living in another reality, when in fact is the truth for them.

Their feelings of fear actually take over their psyche, allowing them to ONLY see fear, and never opportunity. You’ll notice this is their reality, because they will never notice you as anything other than an obstacle or a threat to their safety. It is hard to talk someone down, when they are ruled by fear, because THEY have to choose to think it through. Thoughts, or the thinking process will never win against someone in a fearful state. But if we are in a state where we can safely chose to think things through, it might become easier next time the feelings of fear roll in.

Remember your thoughts, or write them down somewhere to easily reference when feelings start getting out of your control.

Bonus Tip: NEVER try to logistically talk someone in a fearful state down, or out of their fear. ALWAYS wait until they feel safe to listen to thoughts, or go through a thought process.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Happy Thursday,

From all of us at The William Hotel

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