Quarantine, Face-Masks, and How to Save the World

Quarantine and face masks may save the world

We know you are all getting tired of this quarantine business. It seems like every day a new regulation gets put in place that further takes down our interpreted freedom. We are encouraged to wear face masks at this time, at the risk of being regulated to do so, and we know a lot of you are resistant to this. I’d love to put this into perspective for any of you that have just had enough. We are getting news updates all the time about the dangers of reopening non essential businesses, and the reason for this perceived freedom being taken away, we believe, could be re-framed into our freedom to fight this global pandemic.

We already have some of the lowest numbers in the country because we have VOLUNTEERED to do what other larger cities are now being mandated to by their local government. If we can reframe this time into a movement that we all CHOOSE to take part in, it will make this period easier on all of us. To PROTECT each OTHER against one of the most dangerous viruses to date, we can come out of this victoriously. We have heard the arguments about the government not providing face masks, or gloves, so we shouldn’t HAVE to wear them, but if we can think about this the way we parent our children, it will be easier to digest.

Rules are only put in place or mandated due to some action causing danger or harm to ourselves or more importantly OTHERS. In grade school, we were not allowed to hit each other because someone did it at one time. It would never have become a rule if no one was harmed, or no one had ever been hit.  A more recent example is peanut products being banned from school, if there is even ONE child allergic to peanuts. We can approach this two different ways. We can pack our kid’s lunch with their favorite peanut butter sandwich because your kid doesn’t have allergies, therefore no one should force you to keep him from it. Peanut butter is not illegal, and Johnny loves it! It really isn’t THAT big of a deal, if he is FINE and feels healthy. It’s only Billy that has the allergy right? Should the whole school’s freedom to eat peanut products be taken away? The answer is only if we are not willing to PROTECT Billy voluntarily.  


We can get down on our knees to gently explain to Johnny that, 

“When you eat peanut butter around your friend, Billy, who IS allergic, even breathing on him could hurt Billy. Billy could even die. Do you think we should protect Billy even though you love peanut butter?” 

When we frame it this way, it gives us a CHOICE to protect those who are immunocompromised by wearing a mask in public. The other thing we NEED to remember about this virus is that, just like NOT being allergic to peanut butter is exactly the same as not having symptoms of COVID-19. As healthy people without symptoms, we are WAY more dangerous, because we are PROBABLY carrying it. 

If you would pack your Johnny a peanut butter sandwich because you DO have the right to, I understand your resistance to wearing a mask to protect our immunocompromised at this time. If, however, you would take ON the responsibility to help Johnny understand, that in order to protect Billy, we need CHOOSE to give up peanut butter at school, even though it’s not fair, you would be TEACHING Johnny to think about others, and protect them against what doesn’t affect us. 

And to lighten the mood, “We need to think about wearing masks like wearing pants. I don’t want to necessarily be forced to wear them in public, but understand I am protecting others.”

Scarlett Ramey 

The William Hotel

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