Silver Lining Sunday: Finding the Good in Our Current Situation

Finding the silver lining of COVID-19

In this weird time warp of a season, there is hope that we can all find a silver lining this Sunday. Silver linings, at The William are not at ALL wishful thinking or quick tips to stay positive when we know the truth in the present is somewhat dismal. Our silver linings include the actions we are taking as a united community in order to turn this Titanic of COVID-19 around before hitting an iceberg.  When something this giant is out of our control, the only thing we truly have left is our response to it. The following are miracles of silver linings our team at The William has noticed thus far.

  • People reaching out more on social media to help each other. Setting up groups to aid in information sharing, grocery delivery options available, and people purchasing meals and groceries for immunocompromised neighbors.
  • We have witnessed programs giving away food, setting up grocery stores in their restaurant parking lots, and feeding the families who truly need assistance at this time.
  • Though this is a highly political time, we have seen LESS political division, as we are all trying to come together to, as one, fight a global pandemic. Less hate speech toward political candidates, or their supporters, and more community action. 
  • The creativity we have witnessed has been astronomical. Eggs being shared for toilet paper. Wine bottles being made into flower vases, art placed in public places, and the community generally attempting to help people feel not so alone.
  • Local folks donating money to their local restaurants to cook gourmet meals with  integrity to feed all of the families of The Kendall County Women’s Shelter
  • All the forgiven rents that have been granted to residents and businesses.
  • The list goes on….

Silver lining, the term, seems like pie in the sky, but we are seeing real people in the dirt of our community waging a serious threat to this virus tearing us apart. As Kendall County now stands at only 14 cases, 10 which have recovered, our silver linings are our people who have done the above and MUCH more. You are our silver lining, and you are the reason we will win this war as a small town. Coming together, especially when we can’t physically come together has protected all of us. Thank you for being this town’s silver lining.

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