Motivation Monday: 3 Steps to Help Motivate Yourself

Finding motivation during quarantine

If your regular schedule has been blown out of the water by the pandemic, motivation to get through the day-to-day might be difficult to come by. You’re not alone! Here at The William we’ve been struggling too. Having some daily and weekly goals can be helpful for taking care of your business or taking care of yourself and your family. Feeling a sense of accomplishment for achieving your goals is also great for your mental health, especially when the days begin blurring together.

 You need to remember, first, that it’s 100% ok to be struggling, and second, that it’s also ok if this is just your time to not DO anything. With those two things in mind, here are some steps you can take to step goals for yourself, whether the goals are taking a shower regularly and eating good food, or getting work done from home.

1. Set Attainable Goals

Whatever your goals for the day or week are, make sure they are attainable! Sometimes we get a little over-excited when we’re writing out goals, and that’s great! Just try to tailor them to be achievable. If your goal is pretty big, like a large project, maybe break it up into smaller parts for short-term goals. Whatever your goals, right them down. Put them in your planner, on your whiteboard, wherever you will see them every day to remind you to work on them.

2. Imagine Your Future Success

A great way to reignite your motivation when it starts to falter is envisioning how great it will feel when you get to the end of the week and you’ve achieved your goals. Visualization is a powerful tool utilized by the world’s top athletes to help them win gold in their events. It is an equally useful practice for personal, home and business goals that you can use! Take a moment, maybe when you’re having your first sips of morning coffee, and really visualize how it will look and feel when you achieve your goal. Even if your goal is eating a salad once this week, you’re going to feel great achieving that! And you’ll teach your brain you’re someone who accomplishes goals and begin setting gradually bigger ones!

3. Reward System

People like to set tasks for themselves and have a prize set for themselves like a new outfit, TV time, or some other treat for motivation to get it done. If that works for you, by all means, go for it! Consider though, using the intrinsic value of accomplishing the task itself as the reward. This goes back to our discussion about visualization: feeling great about achieving your goal, not just having done a task in order to get the prize. Let’s be real, if you’re an adult, you can do almost anything you want, including buying the outfit without completing the task. Valuing the intrinsic reward also helps to rewire your brain toward action and accomplishment, and also valuing the journey toward your goal.

Hopefully these help you or at least give you some inspiration. We know this is a difficult time and it’s sometimes hard to tell what day it is, what you’re supposed to be doing, and when you actually need to get out of bed. We will get through this. Be easy with yourselves, practice some compassion, and stay safe.

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