5 Ways to Celebrate the 50th Earth Day!

Earth Day celebration number 50!

Today marks the 50th Earth Day celebration! Recognized globally, Earth Day celebrates environmental awareness and preservation. With so many citizens of the world practicing social distancing, Earth has been gifted with a reset. The animals and plants are coming back to life everywhere. Jellyfish can be seen swimming through the canals of Venice, lions are taking afternoon naps on the warm streets of Africa, and the air-pollution is clearing around our highly industrialized cities.

Honoring Earth Day

In honor of this 50th Earth Day celebration, we have listed some ways of supporting environmental health that are simple and may even save you some money in the long run! 

1. Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk when you can helps cut down on the amount of packaging being used in our food system and it usually costs less on your end per ounce.

2. Bring Your Own Grocery Bags!

Replacing even one plastic bag per shopping trip with a reusable one makes a positive impact on the ecosystem. You can even buy reusable produce bags that are made from lightweight netting. Many companies that specialize in reusable items have great sales on Earth Day, check out TruEarth

3. Get a Water Bottle!

Use a water bottle instead of bottled water. There are so many fun water bottles in stores and online now. Find one that fits your personality, wardrobe, or the season! Get a water filtration attachment for your kitchen faucet and refill your bottle as needed! 

4. Clean Up the Environment

Pick up litter! Obviously, wear gloves for this one, but picking up even one piece of litter makes a big difference if we’re all pitching in. If you need something to do while you’re social distancing, rally your quarantine mates (kids, spouse, whoever is in your house), grab some gloves and garbage bags and go clean up your street!

5. Plant a tree!

This is always a favorite for Earth Day. Find a tree at your local nursery that will do well in your climate zone and plant it in your yard! If you don’t have a yard or don’t want to plant a tree, let someone else do it on your donation! You can donate to the Canopy Project where each dollar equals one tree planted!

From all of us at The William, we hope you have a wonderful Earth Day and get a chance to walk outside today and enjoy the beautiful planet we live on!

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