Introducing Our New Event Venue at The William

New event venue at The William!

There is a sneak peek coming soon to our sweet hotel event venue in the middle of Main Street! We have had so many events on The William‘s balcony, and we’ve noticed that people tend to migrate to the Main Street end. We have our most inclusive furniture, couches, blankets, heaters, all at this end. We open one room at the OTHER end for bathroom use, and all of our food and beverages have to be designated to our beautiful, however distant, Salon.

We have needed a space that coincides with the intimacy for which we have become known.  We are taking another big beautiful leap, and opening our iconic Room 200 as our new event space. This will allow people to reserve the balcony for smaller private events, and have an indoor space for catered food, bars, wine tastings, and general seating, along with a bathroom that is nothing short of luxurious.

As Double R Dry Goods made our Room 200 iconic with their elegant design of the room, we received too many requests for booking, with guests wanting the balcony to themselves. We were simply unable to accommodate this request. We have also had too many requests to ignore for the balcony as an event venue. As we promise our guests complete anonymity, it becomes difficult to host large events without disturbing our reputation of complete privacy.

We will soon be able to rope off the front section for parties, and smaller events without disturbing out favorite guests. Room 200 will be convertible, in order to accommodate lectures, yoga classes, private corporate meetings etc., without having to leave the elevated elegance that is our hotel. We could not be more thrilled for the new and exciting change for Boerne to be able to have a smaller outdoor/indoor venue elevated above Main Street for Dickens On MainBerges FestWeihnachts ParadeTexas Corvette Association Open Car Show, and all other Main Street activities!

For more information, check out our website!

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