Arbor Day: a Celebration of Trees & Human Spark

Arbor Day celebrates trees and the human spark

Just two days after we celebrated nature and our beautiful planet with Earth Day, it is now Arbor Day; the celebration of trees! At The William, we are so fortunate to be elevated above the street level, and among the high branches of a nut tree on our Main Street side. The green light that filters through the leaves on a sunny Texas afternoon is absolutely stunning! But there is much more to this day than trees: this is also a celebration of one man’s unapologetic belief in his passion.

Arbor Day’s Roots

Arbor Day has been celebrated as a national holiday since 1885, but the very first Arbor Day occurred 13 years earlier on April 10th, 1872. It was organized by New York native Julius Sterling Morton and according to an estimated one million trees were planted on this day alone! Morton himself planted thousands of trees throughout his lifetime, and when he wasn’t planting, he was spreading the word about the importance of trees for the future generations.

“Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future.”

J.S. Morton

Today, Arbor Day is celebrated worldwide. All because of one man. One human who believed in himself and his passion so deeply that he manifested a celebration that would last well beyond his years and continue to impact the entire world in a positive way. That is something beautiful about being humans on this earth, we are incredibly powerful when we tap into our passions, those things that make us come alive.

We all possess that same spark that Mr. Morton had. Whatever you are passionate about, don’t neglect or be ashamed of it. Nurture that flame, grow it, gather your tribe of friends who are also passionate and see what you can manifest! This world, especially now, needs the brightness of passionate people doing what they love.

Happy Arbor Day, Everyone!

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