3 Things to Consider as Boerne Opens Up for Business

Staying safe as Boerne reopens

Here at The William in Boerne, we have been open through this pandemic, and have learned a LOT about how to keep our guests safe; along with all the considerations non essential businesses must make to get back to life (back to reality. . . ok I’ll stop). With this new freedom, is going to come immense responsibility. I know we are ALL excited to rush the shops, and restaurants, visit our friends, and generally be social with each other. We do have to be cognizant, though, of our town being SUPER popular as a getaway for larger cities with MUCH bigger numbers. Our sweet Boerne has been SO strong during this pandemic, that our numbers didn’t even get out of the double digits. Now that we are open to other counties, we need to STAY strong for each other, and most importantly our vulnerable populations.

1.  Masks are the new black.

With the healthiest among us being most prone to carrying AND transferring this virus, it would be TOO easy to do business with a Boerne visitor from out of town, catch the virus and take it home to an elderly family member without even KNOWING it. Remember, we wear masks to avoid the TRANSFER of it, not to protect ourselves, per se. So don those masks like a rock star when you know you’ll be within 6′ of others, and, in public now, you will be. People WANT to get back to life, back to each other, and back to BUSINESS. Let’s make sure we keep it safe to do so!

2.  Sanitize WHENEVER businesses give you the opportunity.

The governor has given the mandate to have sanitizing stations at each business, for people to use when they enter and leave a business. PLAY THE GAME! The FUN “Hand Game.” Any time your kiddos find a place to wash their hands (with soap) or sanitize their hands have them keep track and give you the number at the end of the day. Definitely WASH your hands before eating ANYWHERE public, as soap and warm water are STILL the safest way to kill this virus. 

3.  Shower once you are safely home for the day.

This will help immensely. We need to remember that our immune systems have been safe from the “public” for quite some time now, and jumping back in to mixed crowds might jar the body’s defense mechanisms. Just as businesses are gently and carefully reopening, we need to take the same precautions with our immune systems.  Let’s try to carefully re-expose our systems to the public by washing it all off once we get home, especially to prevent the spread to vulnerable family members that might visit now. 

Just as we take our businesses reopening seriously, we need to not DEPEND on them to keep us safe. Protect yourself, your family and others from the public that we so often forget is mixed with visitors and guests from all over the country. We are AMAZING at keeping our numbers down and our healthcare system safe! Let’s KEEP it that way. 

All of our Love and Support,

The Team at The William

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