How to Take Advantage of Summer During a Pandemic

Pandemic summer ideas

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your summer! There are still lots of ways to enjoy the warm days ahead while keeping yourself and others safe from illness. Just remember to observe the basic safety precautions of getting out in that beautiful Texas sunshine: always bring water or sports drinks with you and bring LOTS of skin protection! We’ve all been indoors for quite some time now and highly susceptible to sunburns. With that, here’s some ideas for your summer adventures!

Get Out in Nature

Jump on the parks and recreation website for your area and find out which parks are open and if there’s any restrictions. Then grab your quarantine buddy, some water, snacks, and go hit the trail! The late spring, early summer season is a great time for nature walks!

Summer on the Water

Perhaps this is the year you take up kayaking or paddle boarding? Many lakes offer rentals so you can give it a test run. Maybe you rent all season or invest in your own equipment! There’s also fishing, swimming, and just lounging in the shade near the water. Check with the lake you plan on going to to see what’s available!

Go Geocaching

Join in the fun of this worldwide treasure hunt! There are millions of geocaches hidden around the globe with varying levels of difficulty for finding them. Simply download the app, pick a geocache you want to find, and begin your search! You can choose caches that are in your own town or ones that are more of a destination!

Dining al fresco

Enjoying a meal, or even just a glass of iced tea or chilled wine out in the fresh air is an experience all to itself! If you’ve been learning to cook or learning to cook something new, take it outside to savour your masterpiece in the open air! Eating outside brings dining to the next level and rounds out the sensory experience or nourishing your body.

Grow Something!

It is May 1st (happy May Day!) and even if you don’t have a yard or room for a garden, you can always pick up some seeds and planters and have your own mini garden! Even if you’re not a greenthumb, you’ve got time. Google is a great resource for plant-growing tips and tricks, so why not give it a shot? Seeds, pots, and soil are a pretty small investment, it will keep you occupied for a few minutes each day, and you might just get some berries, vegetables, or lovely flowers from your efforts!

Stay safe, stay well,

The Team at The William

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