Yoga at The William: Elevate Your Experience

Yoga comes to The William!

Some of you may have heard that yoga has arrived at The William. Our elegant 11 room boutique hotel sits discreetly above the main drag of Boerne, Texas, offering guests privacy, relaxation, and top of the line service; and now we are proud to offer yoga as a way of rounding out the holistic luxury experience of staying at The William. 

After practicing yoga for 15 years, The William’s Lindsey Hayden went through the 200 hour training to become a certified instructor. Specializing in adaptive flow, Lindsey is able to tailor the practice to anyone willing to try. She believes that personal growth has no limits and that yoga is one of the most widely accessible ways to foster that personal journey.

Yoga for All

Knowing the media has created an image of yoga that is unrealistic to most people, Hayden tells the skeptics, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

“I’ve recently fallen in love with using props in my practice, like chairs, couches, the walls, even a cooler. It taps into our playful side that doesn’t get much attention as adults, and it makes many of the more difficult poses accessible to everyone.”

Adaptive flow places emphasis on offering adaptations for all poses. It is a highly inclusive form of practice, so even if you have very low flexibility, injuries, are an amputee, or bound to a wheelchair, you can still enjoy yoga. There is no judgement or competition in yoga. Just because you can’t fold yourself in half like the contortionist “yogi” on the magazine cover doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga; it means you’re perfectly qualified.

Get Meditated

Along with traditional yoga asanas (postures), Hayden also offers guests meditation and yoga nidra sessions. Yoga nidra is a form of meditation that brings the mind into a sleeplike state. Twenty minutes of yoga nidra can equal up to 2 hours of restful sleep to participants, a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind during your Texas Hill Country getaway!

Yoga and meditation sessions at The William can be held in the fresh air on our New Orleans-style balcony, in our new event room, or in the park near the hotel! Simply call or text (361) 420-1270 to schedule your personalized yoga session when you make your reservation! A 1-hour regular yoga practice is $15 per person: yoga nidra is $10/person. For more options and description visit Gro Yoga online!

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