Cypress Grille Celebrates Cinco de Mayo!

Cypress Grille celebrates Cinco de Mayo!

We could not be more thrilled that Paul Thompson’s World-Class restaurant, Cypress Grille opens TODAY! They have waited in order to make ABSOLUTE certain, that they are keeping their guests and team members safe. With only 50% capacity, Boerne will have to beat the rush to become one of only sixty people that can dine at any given time. Thompson understands other restaurants are not necessarily keeping to this guideline, but says, “It is important that I keep my patrons and employees healthy at all cost.”

Still delivering a take out menu, people can still pick up curbside, but seats in this ionic Boerne restaurant are going to be VERY sought after as people have a history of packing Cypress on the daily.  With Meatloaf Tuesday, 40% off wine Wednesday, and gourmet specials throughout the week, people make reservations months in advance to celebrate with their loved ones.  

An icon in Boerne, Paul Thompson is providing a limited menu to start, with their specialty being brisket and steaks, cooked to perfection with hand-whipped buttermilk potatoes, and asparagus. The ribeye and sides are possibly the best in Texas! With the menu below, please order pick up, and understand if the restaurant is at capacity when you decide to arrive. Cypress Grille is ADAMANT about keeping its loyal following safe during this time. This is all for you, so that we can gently reopen to our favorite Cypress events and wine nights. Find the menu below, and try not to drool.

Click for Menu >Menu is currently limited! For the most accurate version, pick up a menu at Cypress Grille!

As always, if you have TOO much fun at Cypress, which is easy to do, and forget that designated driver, please feel free to call us and stay the night. We have ten beautiful rooms, just up the stairs, and would love to host you post celebration. Wishing you the best of luck as Cypress opens its doors today for Cinco de Mayo. Wishing EVERYONE a seat from 12PM-8PM!

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