High-End Partnerships for Over-The-Top Guest Experiences

The William's partnerships with equally high-end businesses

As a special occasions and high-end boutique hotel, it would be an understatement to say we are strict about who we partner with. Our brand, reputation and guest experience mean more to us than any hotel any of us have ever stayed with. Our brand is DESIGNED to make our guests feel so special, they wouldn’t CONSIDER staying anywhere else. Our team is dedicated to over-the-top service in ways that bring some of our guests to tears. One guest fell in love with our double queen room 203 because it’s yellow (her favorite color!). We took this and ran. Streamers, balloons, a yellow birthday cake with yellow candles, yellow flowers, you get the idea. She cried upon seeing what we felt literally compelled to do. She claimed no one had EVER done anything that over-the-top for her birthday, ever! But this is our standard of excellence, maybe not tears, but creating, “moments” for our guests. 

Through the year we have been opened, we have been asked to collaborate with everyone including photographers, florists, makeup artists, hair stylists, massage therapists, gift stores, restaurants, medical services, etc. the benefits of collaboration include more visibility, as we will be featured on their sites and social media, prioritization for our guests to receive their services, and many more! So why wouldn’t we collaborate with as many brands as possible?

The answer is simple. We are too protective to allow anyone access to our guests, unless they have the same level of over-the-top service! Recently Cypress Grille showed their true colors as a lifelong partner by making room in their walk-in refrigerator for a guest’s whole wedding cake, and 100 sandwiches! Our beautiful bride cried with how Paul Thompson, Cypress Grille’s owner, moved mountains to accommodate her and make her wedding just a little easier. 

A new partner we are entertaining is Paula VM Photography who truly has a vision of empowering her clients, and creating images of people that truly express who THEY feel they are inside. From soup to nuts, she provides it all! She meets with each client days before ANY shoot, to gain a sense of what THEY want out of a shoot, their image of themselves and how she can make this experience empowering for them. The day of the shoot, each client gets personalized hair, makeup and wardrobe, all provided on site. The location is ALWAYS private, and up to each client. One option is a private room at The William with catered charcuterie board and wine or beverage of choice from Cypress Grille. Even your kids get their own children’s charcuterie board! Top off the experience with a pain relieving massage in our new spa/event space are available as well. Other options available include expert private spray tanning on site, and teeth whitening by Lone Star Glow

We are so excited about these new partnerships, but always proud of our lifetime partners. To book your customized photo session, call is at (361) 420-1270 or visit us at www.TheWilliamBoerne.com

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