Your Top Cleanliness Concerns Put to Rest at The William

Cleanliness is our number 1 priority at The William Hotel

We know that especially now, hotel cleanliness is on the minds of so many travelers. So we wanted to put your concerns to rest while you’re staying with us at The William, located in the heart of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. 

The Remote

After each guest checks out of a room one of the first things we do is sanitize the remote with a Clorox wipe. Clorox wipes are one of the products approved to kill coronavirus as well as other germs and bacteria by the CDC, so we use them on the remote and other surfaces in our rooms.

The Ice Bucket

Ice buckets can be great places for germs to hide, but not at The William! When you walk into your room you can rest assured that the ice bucket, tongs, and the coaster has been scrubbed with soap and hot water. Even if the bucket appears to not have been used, we still wash it thoroughly just to ensure the room and everything in it is as clean as possible for the next guest.

The Doorknobs

While we cannot go around with a Clorox wipe after each use of the doors, we do wipe them down regularly and especially before a guest arrival. 

The Lamp/Light Switched

Yes, even the lamp and light switches get the Clorox treatment. Small, high-use areas like these are great places for germs to collect so we make sure to give them a thorough Clorox wipe-down after each guest departure.

The Shower/Shower Floor

Our glass and tile showers are stunning, and they’re kept that way because we scrub and sanitize them each time a guest checks out. Let’s just say bleach is our best friend!

The Bed

This should go without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: we change the sheets and pillow cases after every guests. The comforters and blankets are washing and the headboards are thoroughly cleaned. 

We work tirelessly to make sure that we are doing everything we can to provide the most comfortable experience for our guests. If you have any concerns about room cleanliness we are always happy to discuss it with you! Just give us a call (or text!) at (361) 420-1270

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