Energy Clearing: Taking Clean to New Heights at The William

Energy clearing at The William

We’ve talked about our cleaning procedures at The William in previous blogs, but what about the energy or “vibes” of a room? For those of you concerned with hotel mojo, we decided to share the other ways in which we “clean” our rooms! As part of our efforts to provide a holistic luxury experience to all our guests, we have implemented some rather unique cleaning techniques to our standard (over-the-top) protocol!

Quartz crystal is one of the most common stones in the world and frequently used in various healing disciplines across the globe. It is perhaps most touted for its ability to clear negative energy from households, people, and other environments. Scientifically quartz crystal, when mechanical pressure is applied to it, produces an electrical charge; and, conversely, will change its shape very slightly when an electric charge is applied to it. Quartz also vibrates at the same frequency as human beings, which may have something to do with its seemingly magical abilities to improve mood, among other things. 

Whether the effects are truth or superstition, Lindsey Hayden, manager at The William, says, “It doesn’t hurt and it might help!” So each time a guest checks out of a room, a large piece of quartz crystal is placed in the middle of the room while the room is cleaned. “I also play recordings of Tibetan singing bowls next to the stone to help the vibrations carry throughout the room. Plus they sound really beautiful,” says Hayden. The hope is that the room’s energy is cleared and reset for the next guest to arrive in it.

In addition to the quartz and singing bowls, about once a month each room gets a small dose of white sage smoke. According to research, the smoke produced by medicinal herbs such as white sage have antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can clear up to 94% of airborne bacteria in a room! Some of the bacteria noted in the study that were present before the introduction of the smoke had still not repopulated the test environment up to a month after! 

Especially with the current pandemic situation, we decided to make “smudging” (as it’s called) part of our monthly duties– and don’t worry, we make sure to ventilate the rooms afterward to avoid any smoke smell, although white sage smoke tends to dissipate very well. Other benefits of smudging include an increase in negative ions (the ones that invoke feelings of happiness and well-being), reduced anxiety, purification, and a whole host of other amazing benefits.

So when you come to stay with us at The William, you can rest easy knowing that not only is your room clean, we have taken steps to clear and reset the energy in the room as well! Book your next Texas Hill Country getaway with us and see if you can feel the good vibes!

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