Enjoy No-Contact Checkin! Now Available at The William!

The William introduces no-contact checkins

When we talk cleanliness, the CDC has NOTHING on The William hotel’s standards of excellence. We have taken this opportunity of downturn to up our game in every way we can make people feel safe in Boerne while enjoying a getaway. We are the safe hotel to visit for any special occasion, or if you just need to get away from the kids, and chaos these times are bringing.

We have safety kits for all of our guests that include extra masks, gloves and some other goodies to keep you safe on your vacay. However, our newest checkin policy allows you to come to The William at whatever time you choose, and not have to have contact with our team (even though we miss you all dearly!). We are doing this for your comfort and safety. 

We could not be more thrilled to provide another layer of safety and luxury to our already insane levels of excellence. Picture it…. You arrive, and don’t feel like checking in at a certain time, as you really would like to grab dinner at Cypress Grille, but would like to place your bags in the room. Through your reservation you receive a 6-digit code that works only for the length of YOUR reservation. You ride up our fabulous elevator, walk to your boutique luxury room (only 10 available), punch in your personal code, and enter your immaculate room that has been waiting for you.

On the credenza you find two sets of keys for the option to use them throughout your stay, but if you want to use your personal code, you at least have the option for your getaway. You’re able to immediately get to your room with EVERYTHING you’ll need for the safest, and most comfortable getaway Boerne can provide. Just downstairs, you have the option to dine in the beautiful and accessible Cypress Grille, or just call from your room, and dine out on our beautifully elevated balcony, or just in the comfort of your room.

These key optional locks are our continued attempt to be the BEST getaway in Boerne, and our guests have felt a sense of freedom that is difficult to compare. We could not be more proud of our standards, our team, our processes, and our beautiful guests. We are here to allow you to de stress, with the knowledge that we have your safety covered. 

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