Picking up your kids from camp? Treat yourself!

Enjoy some luxury before you pick the kids up from camp

It’s been the end of a long summer, and if you are picking the kids up from camp any time soon, why not make a getaway out of it? You’ve dealt with this COVID-19 business all year, so it’s time to treat yourself. Book a stay at The William 3 days before your child is to be collected, and truly retreat into our elevated bliss.

We now offer private yoga classes, massage therapy, and meditation sessions. You can partake in any of these between people watching, wine drinking, gourmet dining, shopping and simply enjoying our Sonesta-style balcony. 

This is the last time you’ll have to truly get away before the craziness of school (whatever that ends up looking like), and all the other uncertainty going into the school year starts up. Take yourself on a self-care retreat to The William and book it out in advance to truly get the most out of your stay.

Remember you deserve to truly pamper yourself, as our new normal has taken away so many ways to feed your soul. Our social lives are so sparse, that, to truly feel taken care of, it’s important you feel safe wherever you go. Making sure you stay in a place that goes worlds beyond the CDC Guidelines to actually allow your mind, body and soul to relax into a getaway, is the most important to us. A vacation is hardly that if you’re thinking about basic safety during this time. Grab one last chance to get away with friends before the hustle and bustle of our unknown school year arrives!

For information and reservations for your safe getaway, as you pick your children up from camp, give us a call. View our rooms & plan a getaway to remember. We would be pleased to customize a visit to specifically meet your needs!

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