Health & Wellness: The Next Level in Luxury

Health and luxury meet at The William

We have recreated our hotel brand to go beyond offering 10 luxury boutique rooms. We are dedicated to a higher vision: your health – mind, body and soul. We have gone above the CDC guidelines to keep our rooms clean in ways that include clearing energy between guests with smudging. We consistently provide safety products, such as masks, immunity booster teas, disposable gloves, etc. We are providing extra towels, and housekeeping supplies, to give our guests the option to stay private, without housekeeping service between nights.

We have provided keyless entry with private codes, for the option of an instant, no-contact check-in. Our weekly yoga program is strong with Gro-Yoga, and private massage has helped so many of our guests destress and reset their mind and body, without having to leave our elevated luxury property. Our restaurant, Cypress Grille is providing no-contact gourmet room service, to help you eat right, while staying safe. 

We have, however, received a “health question,” we’d like to address, as it is our number one inquiry: “Do you have a non-smoking room?” 

Due to our only having 10 luxury rooms, and our prices reflecting our luxury brand of health and wellness, we have decided to make our ENTIRE hotel non (cigarette)-smoking. This is truly to protect the people who need to be assured that, as they walk our beautiful balcony, they won’t have to inhale second hand smoke.

We DO have a smoking section 50 feet from the hotel with safe cigarette disposal, for our valued guests who do need to smoke. We will be continuing to allow vaping, as the issue of smoke, odor, and ash become less insulting. We have to protect our guests who are visiting for health and wellness reasons, as we truly have become committed to keeping these guests safe from allergens such as animal dander, smoke, odor, and ash.

Just as we do not take emotional support animals, only those with medical training and need, we need to keep cigarette smoke out of our luxury rooms, and even off the balcony, as it becomes our guests’ second living space. We try to be as accommodating as possible, however, we do need to maintain a standard of excellence when it comes to health and wellness. 

Our guests can now enjoy an entirely smoke free hotel. We are excited to add this to our standards, as it allows our guests paying luxury prices to be assured of their air remaining allergen free, where we can control it. Thank you all for your understanding, and support as we move forward.

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