National Relaxation Day! Rejuvenate Your Drive

Relaxation for your health and success

This Saturday, August 15th, 2020 marks the 35th National Relaxation Day! This day, dedicated to slowing down and taking care of ourselves was founded by Sean Moeller in 1985 when he was a fourth grader! How beautiful that a child not only recognized the importance of taking some time to relax, but then acted upon his belief, resulting in a national holiday.

Little Sean was really onto something. As holistic health and wellness becomes more and more popular in news and research, we’re finding that taking time for ourselves to relax and rejuvenate can actually help us become more productive and successful people! Just run “relaxation & productivity” through a search engine and you’ll come up with thousands of articles on how overworking and not taking a break creates a significant negative impact not only on your health and productivity, but also costs companies as a result!

Here at The William, we realize how important being able to relax and refresh is and strive to create the perfect space for doing just that for our guests. Being elevated above the Main Street activity is a great benefit to aiding a relaxing atmosphere, as well as having all 10 of our luxury rooms opening out onto our elegant New Orleans-style balcony which overlooks the city through a veil of trees and greenery. 

While staying at The William, you can schedule a massage (in your room or in our new Spa Room!), take a walk along one of the local trails, book a private yoga session or join the group Vinyasa class at 3:30 every Saturday with Gro Yoga’s Lindsey Hayden, or simply kick back in your room and read a book. 

Health and well-being are such important aspects of living a full and productive life. So this Saturday, take a moment to reflect and listen to your inner self guiding you toward what you need to feel taken care of and well. Happy National Relaxation Day from all of us at The William!

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