The William to Unveil Limited Production Hand-Milled Soap!

Ever wanted to take a little piece of The William home with you? Well soon you’ll be able to do just that! We are beginning a very limited production of Hand-Milled coconut milk soap scented to be reminiscent of the mini soaps provided in each of our luxury rooms!

Our specially formulated soap recipe results in a fresh, clean, citrus scent similar to the soaps provided in each of our 10 boutique luxury rooms!

Our olfactory sense, or sense of smell, is closely tied to the memory and emotional regions of the brain. With this information, we’ve created a high quality bar with a light scent that will transport you right back to your vacation with us. Producing the soap in small batches allows us to monitor the consistency and make the tiny adjustments needed to create bars that lather beautifully and moisturize the skin.

High-fat coconut milk is a key ingredient in The William’s small-batch Hand-Milled soaps.

Each small batch of our Hand-Milled soap is made using time-honored techniques and rich coconut milk to create a silky, fine lather that leaves your hands feeling hydrated and with a subtle fresh, clean scent that is both citrus and lightly floral. Modestly wrapped in a brown paper ribbon-label, these bars are perfect for gifts as well. Add a sprig of holly and no wrapping paper is needed for presenting as Christmas gifts! Don’t forget to keep one for yourself though! What better way to remember a great getaway to the Texas Hill Country?

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