How to Fold Your Sheets Like a Luxury Hotel

Find out how to fold sheets like the pros

Do you get frustrated just thinking about folding a fitted bed sheet? Do your sheets wind up getting stuffed into a pillowcase and shoved into a cupboard? We get it. We also believe you deserve neatly folded sheets that are ready to use and always wrinkle free! That’s why we decided to share our technique for folding sheets with you.

What’s so important about folding sheets?

Well, because you’re important and you deserve to open your linen closet and see beautifully folded bundles of crisp sheet sets ready to go on the bed without a struggle! The stuff-and-shove technique is definitely a time-saver in the short term, but it’s easy for pillow cases to go missing or same-color sets to get mismatched, and then you’re tearing apart all the other bundles trying to find the missing pieces!

Even though our folding technique takes a few extra minutes up front, it will save you both time and frustration later on. Plus, there’s nothing like making a bed with well-folded linens– at least in our opinion!

How to do it
  • Make sure you have all the pillow cases and sheets for the set when you take them out of the dryer
  • Set aside the flat sheet and pillow cases and turn the fitted sheet inside-out
  • Slip one corner of the sheet over your up-turned palm so your fingertips are at the end of the seam:
Pull the edge of the sheet down your arm so your fingertips reach the end of the corner seam.
  • Keep the corner over your hand while you do the same with the next closest corner with your other hand
  • With the 2 corners over your fingers, touch your middle fingers together and flip one corner over the opposite hand
Line up the seams along your arm
  • Keep both corners over your hand while you maneuver the other 2 corners of the sheet over your other hand
  • Once you have two corners over each hand, place your middle fingers together again and flip one side over the other so all 4 corners are now laying on top of each other on your hand
  • Taking the flat side of the folded sheet in the other hand, lay the whole thing on a flat surface and adjust until it’s mostly flat as shown:
Hold up your “corners hand” and grab the “flat” side (shown here on the right) about 8-12 inches up from the elastic edge and lay on a flat surface
  • Then just fold it 2-3 times lengthwise, adjusting as you go to keep the sheet as flat as possible. Set this aside.
Fold “hotdog” 2-3 times
Folded fitted sheet
Flat Sheet and Pillow Cases
  • Fold the flat sheet into quarters and lay on a flat surface
  • Fold in half
  • Then fold in half again (hotdog). It should resemble something like the folded fitted sheet
Folded flat sheet
  • Fold the pillow cases together so they’re easy to find
Assembling the Final Bundle
  • Lay the fitted sheet on top of the flat sheet
  • Lay the pillow cases at one end of the fitted sheet
  • Begin to roll/fold the sheets together over the pillow cases so the the cases end up at the center of the roll

And voila! You have a beautifully folded bundle of sheets!

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