Putting our Attention on Appreciation

As we approach Thanksgiving of 2020, our Team at The William is putting our attention on appreciation. As normal as it is to focus on gratitude and what we are thankful for, we have taken this a step deeper, and we are focussed on showing all of our favorite guests true appreciation. The nature of gratitude is directed to the person who is “grateful.” Appreciation on the other hand, focuses on the qualities and values of of the person or thing for which we are grateful. This year we are focused on showing real appreciation to our favorite guests, and the best part is that ALL of them have truly warmed our hearts. The William is a luxury boutique hotel that attracts a guest with pretty specific values and qualities, and those exact qualities and values are the ones we appreciate most! We’ve had more fun this year connecting with all of you who’ve included us in your special occasions, celebrations, and therapeutic retreats.

Gratitude implies a sense of luck or a sense of disconnect between what we are thankful for and the work involved in gaining that fortune. We KNOW the guests we attract come to us specifically because they FEEL the overwhelming sense of care we take. It is standard practice at The William to make the smallest detail an individual opportunity to go the extra mile for our guests. Through our consistency in this level of excellence, people understand what we are and what we are not. For instance, it is clear that we are not pet friendly, easy on the budget, or a great place to crash after a heavy night out. We also make it clear that we are the best location for your special celebration, therapeutic retreat, or an elegant gift for a loved one. We appreciate the guests who understand this, and feel all the care we put into every room. The connection between attracting our perfect guest and our attention to excellence is one that is not lost on us. If we were simply grateful for our guests, we would have a mix of those who loved our hotel, and ones who were dissatisfied. Because we are open about exactly what we represent, we are almost always happy to personally refer those who we know would be more satisfied with a different hotel. We so appreciate the overwhelming respect our guests have for our hotel, truly settling in and treating it like their own home. We appreciate the joy and delight our guests bring with them around visiting the Texas Hill Country. We appreciate the liberty our guests allow us to take to make their stay extra special, like stocking a private mini fridge with their favorite beverages, or set up a private balcony dinner. These details tickle us to do, because we appreciate that it makes our guests so happy and feel so special.

Attention to detail is absolutely mandatory in our quest to go over the top for our valued guests!

Birthdays, wedding nights, private photo shoots, anniversaries, etc. allow us to personalize each room to create moments to remember. Surprise flower arrangements, roses on the bed, and even an explosion of “the color yellow” have all been personalized rooms we’ve had more delight in setting up than our guests could ever imagine.

Our greatest gift includes all the ways we can make you feel special!

The number of times we have received special requests to have a loved one’s favorite champagne, or chocolate covered strawberries is so frequent, we have developed partnerships to fulfill the best in luxury items and services. We appreciate the ability to make the details so special, a moment ends up becoming the highlight of a guests stay. To say the least, we appreciate your happiness, surprise, delight, and all the ways you allow us to make your stay with us a major highlight of your trip.

Thank you.

The William Team

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