Quarantine Tips & Ideas

Make a Difference

There are lots of ways to help out in your community without risking yourself or others contracting the COVID-19 virus! Here is a short list of ideas to get you inspired to help someone (or many someone’s) in your community!

Donate to your local shelter – whether it’s people or animals you want to help, shelters of all kinds nearly always need donations. Call yours to find out how to contribute! Live in Kendall County, Texas? Text (206) 910-8690 to donate meals from Cypress Grille to the Kendall County Women’s Shelter!

Donate your time online – schools everywhere have shut down temporarily to keep children safe. If you love reading, grab a children’s book and read to kids online. Teach a skill like music, science experiments kids can do at home, or anything else you can think of!

Support your favorite restaurant by purchasing a meal-to-go! Most restaurants are now offering delivery or curbside pick-up to make it easy and safe for their customers and themselves! You can also order a meal to be delivered to someone in your community who might need a little help.

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