Quarantine Tips & Ideas

Staying Healthy & Active in Quarantine

As a global community, we are going through something historic. It’s scary, frustrating, traumatizing, boring, and all the emotions in between. It is also drawing us together as well, changing us and making us stronger. Throughout this unknown period, our health is perhaps more important than ever, and not just because of COVID-19, but also because we are now spending greater amounts of time in our homes to help stop the viral rampage.

Whether you’re spending this time working or just getting through, there are some simple steps you can take in your own home to keep your holistic health in check!

  • Keep a Schedule: yes, staying home, sleeping in, and not having your regular routine feels like vacation, but having some basic structure to your day can actually help you stay healthy! Eating meals at regular times, waking up and going to bed on time, making time for exercise and keeping good work hygiene (if you’re working from home) will help keep your hormones balanced, which is good news for your mental and physical health!
  • Step Outside: Even if it’s just sitting outside on your porch, getting at least 20 minutes of fresh air each day is a great mood booster. Getting a change of scenery from your own four walls and breathing in the outside air promotes mental clarity and creativity! Try some deep breathing while you’re outside; breathing is one of the simplest health-promoting exercises we can do as it sends vital oxygen into the bloodstream and helps to calm the nervous system!
  • Spring Cleaning: cleaning up and reorganizing your home is another great way to boost your mood! Who doesn’t like spending time in a clean, spacious home? Go through your closets for items to donate or up-cycle, rearrange your furniture, make an area for exercise or meditating… it seems simple, but even just moving your living room chair to a new spot can make the room feel new promotes more creative thinking!
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