3 Reasons The William Hotel is the Jewel of Boerne

After staying at The William, many people have remarked that our hotel is one of Boerne’s best kept secrets, and we could not agree more! We are so proud of this small luxury boutique hotel and the experience we are able to provide for our guests. Each person on our core team knows just whatContinue reading “3 Reasons The William Hotel is the Jewel of Boerne”

3 Less Common Ways to Destress Your Life

You can meditate, drink tea, and listen to soothing music to calm your nerves, but sometimes you need to go to the source and destress your life a little! Cleaning the house, getting organized, and using a day planning can help a lot with this, as can getting up earlier and putting a limit onContinue reading “3 Less Common Ways to Destress Your Life”

Yoga at The William: Elevate Your Experience

Some of you may have heard that yoga has arrived at The William. Our elegant 11 room boutique hotel sits discreetly above the main drag of Boerne, Texas, offering guests privacy, relaxation, and top of the line service; and now we are proud to offer yoga as a way of rounding out the holistic luxuryContinue reading “Yoga at The William: Elevate Your Experience”

How to Take Advantage of Summer During a Pandemic

Don’t let COVID-19 ruin your summer! There are still lots of ways to enjoy the warm days ahead while keeping yourself and others safe from illness. Just remember to observe the basic safety precautions of getting out in that beautiful Texas sunshine: always bring water or sports drinks with you and bring LOTS of skinContinue reading “How to Take Advantage of Summer During a Pandemic”

Open-Mindedness, Acceptance and The American Rose

The rose is the national flower of the United States, and today honors one variety in particular: the Peace Rose. Developed in France in the early 1900s and sent out to Italy, Germany, Turkey and the U.S. for protection during the German invasion, the Peace Rose is a symbol of everlasting world peace for theContinue reading “Open-Mindedness, Acceptance and The American Rose”

10 Tips to Beat Self-Quarantine Sleep Deprivation

“Stay Home, Stay Safe” is one of the easiest calls to action that’s ever helped so many people at once (“easy” as in physically), but it’s been wreaking havoc on sleep schedules. If you’ve found yourself getting less restful sleep than ever, you are not alone. Our entire daily routines have been flipped on theirContinue reading “10 Tips to Beat Self-Quarantine Sleep Deprivation”

Arbor Day: a Celebration of Trees & Human Spark

Just two days after we celebrated nature and our beautiful planet with Earth Day, it is now Arbor Day; the celebration of trees! At The William, we are so fortunate to be elevated above the street level, and among the high branches of a nut tree on our Main Street side. The green light thatContinue reading “Arbor Day: a Celebration of Trees & Human Spark”

5 Ways to Celebrate the 50th Earth Day!

Today marks the 50th Earth Day celebration! Recognized globally, Earth Day celebrates environmental awareness and preservation. With so many citizens of the world practicing social distancing, Earth has been gifted with a reset. The animals and plants are coming back to life everywhere. Jellyfish can be seen swimming through the canals of Venice, lions areContinue reading “5 Ways to Celebrate the 50th Earth Day!”

Motivation Monday: 3 Steps to Help Motivate Yourself

If your regular schedule has been blown out of the water by the pandemic, motivation to get through the day-to-day might be difficult to come by. You’re not alone! Here at The William we’ve been struggling too. Having some daily and weekly goals can be helpful for taking care of your business or taking careContinue reading “Motivation Monday: 3 Steps to Help Motivate Yourself”

Think It Through Thursday: Future Forward

Let’s actually think this Thursday about our future. But let’s try to think it all the way through. Right now, in the moment of this day, this week, or this month we have all FELT the challenge of this isolation to some extent. The feeling ranges are pretty narrow right now, as they only onlyContinue reading “Think It Through Thursday: Future Forward”