We take retreats here at The William terribly seriously, down to the last detail, as we know retreats require a substantial investment, not only in dollars, but in time and effort. Therefore, meeting your goals and objectives, that go beyond just providing you with a fun time, is crucial to us. The key to creating a fun and impactful team retreat is in the planning. There are many things to take into account when planning a retreat, but the following three decisions are critical to ensure success.

1. Identify Your Retreat Goals

Identify and communicate to us your desired outcomes and deliverables you are wanting to achieve.A team retreat can be designed to accomplish a wide variety of goals and outcomes, and we are absolutely ready to aid in any and all of it.

Scarlett Ramey, a business consultant is always ready to aid in any business retreat! Here are a few examples of what The William can provide at your customized retreat:

  • Opportunities to work on and solve real business issues.
  • Help leaders and team members discover their natural strengths and weaknesses.
  • Offer a chance for leaders and team members to further develop their skills.
  • Build, strengthen, and align relationships across a team.
  • Create opportunities for team members to confront difficult topics that may be having an adverse effect on the team.
  • Develop action plans to ensure learning, agreements, and changes transfer back to the workplace.

Corporate retreat planning

2. Determine Your Retreat Type

Determine what type of retreat will help you achieve your desired goals and outcomes. There are several types of retreats to choose from based on your needs, budget, and timeframe. We are all here to help you discover the right retreat for you.

  • Organizational Development
  • Team Interventions
  • Team Development
  • Strategy – planning process
  • Strategy – issues approach

Action retreats come with a wide variety of activities to choose from such as river floating, customized yoga, hiking, cave tours, paddle boarding tours, horseback riding, and cooking lessons to name a few.

3. Appoint a Leader

Choose the right team leader to design and deliver materials, activities, and simulations that are aligned with your overall objectives.

We are here to work with you and your team leader to plan the event, select appropriate interactive tasks.  This service will ensure that participants have a good time and leave the retreat with tools and skills they can apply in the real world.

Be wary of investing in an “off-the-shelf” retreat that doesn’t take into consideration the specific needs and outcomes of your team. We are here to customize your needs for results driven activities.


The William has officially named Z’s Wood Fired Pizza, their exclusive pizza preference. Pizza seems to be a staple at any point during a vacation, work trip, or even wedding! We are proud to share our absolute favorite pizza and venue for experiencing the best of our local Boerne flavor. Brain child of Zac and Jodi Disch, this small and packed restaurant welcomes families, business clientele, and sports fans.

Ordering out, you will find the best in actual wood fired pizza in thirteen gourmet styles, with a crust that can’t be compare to anything outside of Manhattan. You can taste the love in the ingredients and feel the handmade work in each pizza. Starting only three years ago, they have positioned themselves as a staple in Boerne, Texas as THE PLACE for Pizza.

For their full experience, take the short drive over, and go in. You’ll walk in through the thin wooden door, who’s handle fell off this afternoon into my hand. The bar is right there with seating so close it feels like a giant hug. Warm woods, vinyl music, and beer taps all over the walls showcase a scene of take a seat anywhere. The magic of this pizza restaurant is truly the vision of Zac Disch, which pours over and through his team members. They WANT to talk to you, know you, and learn more about you. They want you to feel at home where they are, and are willing to go above and beyond to make you happy.

Each month, they have a “special,” and November 2019, they came out with their Buffalo Soldier, a buffalo chicken pizza with hot sauce, blue cheese and even a celery garnish! I was in love! I ordered one, after the special, and they left to get the missing ingredients. After that, they stocked them religiously because they knew it was my favorite pizza. They. Care. It’s obvious. Zac can be found in front of the oven most days cooking, and when he has a break, he comes out to greet his customers, asking if he can get them anything else.

With the pizza being so dialed in, the bar SHOULD be lacking, however, it stands on its own legs. With Avery Flores managing the beer and wine selection, the rotating taps are fresh and new, supporting local Texas breweries, and securing, as he says, “A beer for everybody.”

He makes sure to secure a rotating stout, IPA, light lager, hefeweizen, sour, and cider to appeal to as many as possible, and his bar is always full, with reservation requests honored. Yes, the only bar that takes reservations at the actual bar. The music is everything you love to sing along to, and most times find yourself joining in with the rest of the place.

Live music happens outside each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with some of the Hill Country’s best musicians.  Z’s has created an outdoor area AGAIN, for everyone. A giant playground for the kids to keep busy, large tables under romantically lit trees to fit the whole family, and a covered raised porch area for the band as well as an outdoor lounge, complete with giant comfy couches to watch and listen to the live music, without the sounds of kids at play.

Private business meetings can happen with the secrecy of the mafia in their side rooms, and back area, but whether you want to be part of the party or just blog in the corner, the Team at Z’s makes sure you are taken care of like a family member. If you’re new, they want you back. If you’re a regular, they want to bend over backwards to make you feel like you’ve been with them for years. As this might not be our fine dining favorite, it definitely competes in food, and service, both of which are exceptional!


You’ve heard of, “Living your best life.” It all starts with, “Sleeping your best sleep!” Whether you’re staying with us in our cloud beds, or at home, we strive to help people truly recover their best lives by getting adequate rest and relaxation. Sleep is our obsession. Everything from the scents we place in our rooms, to the style of sheets that are chosen, sleep is always on our minds. We want you taking a little of The William home with tools that help your everyday life, and we believe sleep is number one!

1. Choose Sleepy Foods

The digestion of rich foods become uncomfortable when you’re trying to fall asleep, and it’s helpful to eat easily digestible foods, such as soups/tea/mashed potatoes if eating just before bed. Also adding foods high in tryptophan to your diet will dramatically aid in deeper, more effective sleep.  Some examples are brown rice, lentils, beets, turkey and almonds. Cypress Grille, our restaurant just downstairs from your room can provide these and they are just a call away!

2. Sip Herbal Tea

Certain herbals teas such as chamomile, peppermint and sage enter our nervous system and relax us from the inside out, helping us drift into sleep more easily. We provide some of the best quality in relaxing tea in our Salon, available only to our precious guests on their mission for relaxation. Call us to ask about the best herbal tea for your stay, we can even stock it in your room for privacy and ease.

3. Put Your Electronics to bed

Just like we do with small children, your electronics need sleep too, and we all know that blue light is just as disturbing as a kiddo that won’t go to sleep. Here at The William, we provide each room with beautiful accommodations just right for all of your electronics. Your phones and tablets actually get their own bed. The act of putting your phone (especially) to bed, and tucking it in, psychologically allows the brain to start shutting down. And, yes, we clean its sheets too!

4. Take a Hot Shower

Taking a very warm shower at the end of the day allows us to literally wash away the day’s worries as well as clean out all negative, draining energy. End your relaxing shower at The William with our Pure (enter website here) Body Lotion and you will find yourself slipping into blissful sleep more easily.

5. Create a Soothing Environment

Replace the day’s chaos and chatter with some soft, calming rituals. We provide some of the most tedious books for your reading to transform magically to deep sleep.  The William refuses to use fluorescent lights in any of our rooms in order to aid in this relaxation. Our blackout curtains should also be drawn to aid in REM sleep. The goal is to create a dark, cool and comfortable environment to gently get to that deep sleep.

6. Explore Alternative Healing with Acupressure

We also provide in-room Deep Sleep Acupressure Massage Therapy at a reasonable price, an ancient remedy of Chinese traditional medicine known to relieve pain in specific areas of the body and to induce sleep. Acupressure is often the choice for people who prefer a natural form of pain relief or sleep aid instead of medication. The goal of acupressure massage is to bring relief from pain without the use of medications, or needles through massage pressure points. Get your appointment when you book with us, just request at (361) 420-1270.



Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.