Weekly Spotlight on Boerne’s Star Businesses

We are so excited to announce our weekly shoutouts to local Boerne businesses! Our categories this week include Restaurant Excellence, Boutique Shopping, Floral and Health 1.  Restaurant Excellence: Cypress Grille It is not hard to find some of the best food in Texas, and one of those stars in excellence with food, atmosphere, and heart, isContinue reading “Weekly Spotlight on Boerne’s Star Businesses”

Reserve Your Mother’s Day Package Today!

We are preparing for a spectacular Mother’s Day Weekend, and we want you to celebrate your Mom in luxury! Reserve your 2-Night stay today for $500 and receive one of our beautifully decorated rooms, complete with with flowers, Italian Prosecco, and a special Mother’s Day card from the William Team! For the finest dinner in town, Cypress Grille isContinue reading “Reserve Your Mother’s Day Package Today!”

Cypress Grille Celebrates Cinco de Mayo!

We could not be more thrilled that Paul Thompson’s World-Class restaurant, Cypress Grille opens TODAY! They have waited in order to make ABSOLUTE certain, that they are keeping their guests and team members safe. With only 50% capacity, Boerne will have to beat the rush to become one of only sixty people that can dineContinue reading “Cypress Grille Celebrates Cinco de Mayo!”

View Boerne Opening From Above in Luxury AND Safety!

It has become so important to our Team at The William that our guests from all over feel safe as Boerne opens its businesses back up to our favorite guests.  Near and far, we are dedicated to our guests’ safety, so they don’t have to worry while on their favorite Hill Country getaway!  We provideContinue reading “View Boerne Opening From Above in Luxury AND Safety!”

3 Things to Consider as Boerne Opens Up for Business

Here at The William in Boerne, we have been open through this pandemic, and have learned a LOT about how to keep our guests safe; along with all the considerations non essential businesses must make to get back to life (back to reality. . . ok I’ll stop). With this new freedom, is going toContinue reading “3 Things to Consider as Boerne Opens Up for Business”

Introducing Our New Event Venue at The William

There is a sneak peek coming soon to our sweet hotel event venue in the middle of Main Street! We have had so many events on The William‘s balcony, and we’ve noticed that people tend to migrate to the Main Street end. We have our most inclusive furniture, couches, blankets, heaters, all at this end. We open one roomContinue reading “Introducing Our New Event Venue at The William”

Negative Thinking: 3 Ways to Combat This Dangerous Addiction

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend thinking about negative or painful situations, ruminating and replaying what’s not working in your life? It’s normal to have 80% of our thoughts be negative. What’s worse is that it is difficult to STOP thinking about negative experiences. So why do we compulsively hold onto painful thoughts?Continue reading “Negative Thinking: 3 Ways to Combat This Dangerous Addiction”

Silver Lining Sunday: Finding the Good in Our Current Situation

In this weird time warp of a season, there is hope that we can all find a silver lining this Sunday. Silver linings, at The William are not at ALL wishful thinking or quick tips to stay positive when we know the truth in the present is somewhat dismal. Our silver linings include the actionsContinue reading “Silver Lining Sunday: Finding the Good in Our Current Situation”

Quarantine, Face-Masks, and How to Save the World

We know you are all getting tired of this quarantine business. It seems like every day a new regulation gets put in place that further takes down our interpreted freedom. We are encouraged to wear face masks at this time, at the risk of being regulated to do so, and we know a lot ofContinue reading “Quarantine, Face-Masks, and How to Save the World”

All In Challenge Combating Food Insecurity

As a Registered Dietitian, and part owner of a boutique hotel, we have made it our mission to aid where the need is greatest during this COVID-19 isolation period. We decided to connect a local restaurant, Cypress Grille with the Kendall County Women’s Shelter to aid in the support of both. We wanted to shineContinue reading “All In Challenge Combating Food Insecurity”