Health & Wellness: The Next Level in Luxury

We have recreated our hotel brand to go beyond offering 10 luxury boutique rooms. We are dedicated to a higher vision: your health – mind, body and soul. We have gone above the CDC guidelines to keep our rooms clean in ways that include clearing energy between guests with smudging. We consistently provide safety products,Continue reading “Health & Wellness: The Next Level in Luxury”

Book During Our ‘Stay Safe Boerne’ Initiative & Save!

Book a safe home away from home with an exclusive deal from The William properties! Call our elevated private balcony your own. From our complimentary high speed WiFi, to our secluded luxury rooms, you can make The William your own personal hideaway. Stay with us for 2 weeks and get 33% OFF! Each week bookedContinue reading “Book During Our ‘Stay Safe Boerne’ Initiative & Save!”

Recycle: Luxury Hotel Meets the Ecological Movement

We are so excited to take a step to help our planet by participating in Kendall County’s recycle program. Our valued guests from all over have discussed the idea of recycling for the past year, as we have so many recyclable ♻️ products. We are now able to recycle products such as soda cans, plastic waterContinue reading “Recycle: Luxury Hotel Meets the Ecological Movement”

Picking up your kids from camp? Treat yourself!

It’s been the end of a long summer, and if you are picking the kids up from camp any time soon, why not make a getaway out of it? You’ve dealt with this COVID-19 business all year, so it’s time to treat yourself. Book a stay at The William 3 days before your child isContinue reading “Picking up your kids from camp? Treat yourself!”

Set Up Your Luxury Group Retreat With Us!

We often get asked if we can book out groups of rooms, or sometimes all 10 rooms for a 2-night retreat, and our answer is ALWAYS yes. The next question is how they can customize their retreat with us. Below is what we are used to Wednesday-Sunday, and might give you some ideas of howContinue reading “Set Up Your Luxury Group Retreat With Us!”

Enjoy No-Contact Checkin! Now Available at The William!

When we talk cleanliness, the CDC has NOTHING on The William hotel’s standards of excellence. We have taken this opportunity of downturn to up our game in every way we can make people feel safe in Boerne while enjoying a getaway. We are the safe hotel to visit for any special occasion, or if youContinue reading “Enjoy No-Contact Checkin! Now Available at The William!”

12 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Retreat

Regardless of your budget, we can help you plan the best corporate retreat to find the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies. Contrary to popular belief, corporate retreats are not just for team building and enhancing work relationships, they are also for improving morale, strategizing and creating a working environment that canContinue reading “12 Tips for Planning Your Corporate Retreat”

Reserve Your Date Night NOW for Wine Wednesday!

We are so proud of Cypress Grille, our beautiful restaurant, owned by Paul Thompson, as they reopen and offer the BEST Wine Wednesday deal you’ll find in the Hill Country! Book your room early at The William and start your hump day on the right note! Check into your luxury room, and relax. Throw your feet up, andContinue reading “Reserve Your Date Night NOW for Wine Wednesday!”

Spend 4th of July with Us at The William!

This 4th of July is going to be strikingly different than any we’ve seen in the Hill Country. We have become so used to the 4th being a celebration of friends, family and independence. BBQ, fireworks, red-white-blue jello mold desserts, and fun cocktails; coolers filled with beer, floating down the river, and chasing children, areContinue reading “Spend 4th of July with Us at The William!”

High-End Partnerships for Over-The-Top Guest Experiences

As a special occasions and high-end boutique hotel, it would be an understatement to say we are strict about who we partner with. Our brand, reputation and guest experience mean more to us than any hotel any of us have ever stayed with. Our brand is DESIGNED to make our guests feel so special, theyContinue reading “High-End Partnerships for Over-The-Top Guest Experiences”