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January 21, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

To say we are snobs about our sheets would be the understatement of the century. Having just 11 boutique luxury rooms at The William, Boerne, Texas, we feel blessed with the discretion to give our guests the absolute best in bedding, linens, towels, and ANYTHING that ultimately touches the skin. Our search is neverending, as new bedding materials seem to be introduced at an alarming rate these days. We try to keep up with the latest PR samples, but we only make decisions for the hotel after research with our friends, family, and most popular guests. Once we get an enthusiastic “yes” from all three entities, we trial it and do extensive guest follow up to make sure they are getting the best in sleep. Sleep is what we have become known for, so we naturally take it very seriously.

The criteria we demand in sheets is ever-growing, as sheet “noise” just made the list for instance. The noise that sheets make when our guests simply turn over becomes important when we are adamant about the quality of rest our guests get with us. As crisp and perfect as a sheet can seem, if it rustles too loudly with movement, the REM cycle can easily be interrupted. Another standard we demand is temperature control. Between ourselves, our families and our favorite guests, there are always those sensitive to temperature. Some bedding can become downright tropical, causing night sweats for those going through menopause, sleep apnea, or even those who tend to sleep warmer.

We will only be open to a sheet if it can promise to adapt to increasing body temperature. To the detriment of sounding a bit nerdish, we know that the cooler our guests can sleep, the deeper, and more rest they can attain. The sheets could be perfect, but if the face becomes overheated due to the pillowcase, the set is disqualified. We think about temperature between the sheets, as heat or air conditioning do not affect sleepers the way bedding can. Sleep studies across the board show benefits as one gains deeper and more hours of rest. The next most important criteria is skin touch. The softness must be so intense that nothing about the feel of the sheets leads a guest to wake up in the middle of their rest.

We have recently tested three different sets. In sheet jargon, this consists of a bottom sheet, a top sheet and the pillow cases the face touches directly. The skin must be comfortable between these sheets without complaint to pass the test of The William. Comphy brand, Bloomingdales linens luxury hotel sheets, and Pottery Barn Luxury Sheets were all recently tested. The verdict is in!  Bloomingdales stays true to their luxury brand by being softer after multiple washings than the Pottery Barn sheets but at a $2,000 increase in price. As we wash our sheets on a commercial basis, we NEED our sheets to start and STAY soft.

We are also looking to make our sheets accessible to our guests, who should be able to purchase them at a decent price. The Pottery Barn sheets, we feel, are a bit scratchy and seem to almost pill the tiniest bit, which is entirely unacceptable for our price point and reputation.

Now we have to admit that Egyptian percale sheets are definitely a different breed than anything else, but we have all agreed that these sheets are “noisy.” While some love this noise because it feels crisp, we just can’t risk it for our favorite guests. And then we get to Comphy. Spelled in a manner that makes us all cringe, we tested it on all three audiences, and it came out on top in all categories. It was silent, soft, temperature controlled to even our menopausal victims, and the quality did not change after 100 separate washes. As you know, here at The William, we love the color white.

It represents our reputation of ultra clean, and Comphy has created sheets that are so easy to keep striking white, just the way we like them! Each of our team members received a set from management for Christmas, and we all sleep in them on our own beds. We are always on the look for improvements to make our hotel as comfortable as possible, and all suggestions you all have should go directly to our Marketing Director, Scarlett Ramey

or reach her at (206) 910-8690.

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Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.