Since our opening in April, we have branded our Boutique Luxury Hotel with over the top service, but our social media and reviews weigh heavily on our surprise romantic getaway decor. We started going over the top with romantic getaways for our return guests because it simply made us all feel great to turn a favorite guest’s stay into a memory.

With countless requests for personalized decor, floral arrangements, specialty cakes, etc., we are now developing Romantic Getaway Packages! Whether celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary milestones, special occasions, or just want an unforgettable moment away from the kids, our packages are exactly what you are looking for at our intimate Boutique Hotel. A romantic vacation at The William gives you multiple ways to spend quality time together with optional excursions, theater opportunities, concerts, events, gourmet dining at our restaurant, Cypress Grille, and swoon-worthy accommodations.

Customized Package Options Include:

  • Espresso/Pastry Delivery to the Room
  • Romantic Mimosa Setup
  • Elegant Floral Arrangements
  • Reservations at Cypress Grille with Personal Visit from Owner/Chef Paul Thompson
  • Theater/Concert Ticket Arrangements
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Customized Floral Arrangements
  • Champagne/Beverage of Choice on Ice Upon Arrival
  • Bed Covered in Rose Petals
  • Customized Balloons
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Personalized Cakes
  • Box of Gourmet Chocolates
  • In Room Massage Arrangements

Be spoiled and pampered as you eat, drink, relax, explore, discover, and experience the magical beauty of Boerne. There is no better way to embark on your life’s journey together or reaffirm your love for each other than to enjoy the comforts of The William.

Romantic Getaway Packages

Your Romantic Getaway Package can be customized from the above options at any time, and if you allow a weeks notice, we will be able to set up your perfect romantic “Wow!” moment.  Call or email us at today to make your Romantic Winter Getaway a moment to remember!

What clients are saying (on TripAdvisor)

Perfect Anniversary Trip

We stayed at The William to celebrate our anniversary! It was simply stunning. I was personally texted by Stacy the day before our arrival to let us know we could check in early if we would like. It was a busy weekend in Boerne when we arrived and Stacy made sure we easily had top notch parking directly behind the hotel. Our room was gorgeous and had a hand written note and towel swans on the bed when we arrived. The shower was beautiful with great water pressure and the bed was so comfortable my husband and I agreed it was better than our own at home. I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a romantic get away.


Luxury fashion arrives in the Texas Hill Country thanks to Scarlett Ramey bringing her vision  of Fashion in the Hills to life through USA Today’s #1 Choice, The William boutique hotel

BOERNE, TEXAS, USA, October 22, 2019 –

Scarlett Ramey, the Executive Producer of the FASHION IN THE HILLS Event, has proved to be the first to connect luxury fashion with the Texas Hill Country.

Under the mentorship of Rossana Leeper of Society Texas, Ramey was able to bring on the award-winning R World Productions’ Ricardo Gutierrez and Emily McMichael to produce two separate and unique fashion shows, genuinely elevating the level of elegance the Texas Hill Country has ever seen.

Benefiting Aid the Silent

Aid the Silent, the beneficiary of Fashion in the Hills, fit Ramey’s vision of visual expression through fashion, as this non-profit empowers the deaf and hard of hearing to gain access to hearing aids, not covered by insurance. This expression of style was solidified through her new, but strong partnership with Bechants, a luxe shopping destination in Boerne. Bechants generously sponsored all collections for both Spanish themed fashion shows.

Fashion in the Hills

The evening was packed with visual success, including the live entertainment of Chayito Champion, accompanied by her best flamenco dancers, and the generous live painting sponsored and created by the acclaimed Cristobal Licea. Melissa Panzarini was Ramey’s obvious choice as Executive Event Planner for both nights. Matching a vision, almost impossible to execute, with Panzarini’s impeccable style and attention to detail proved to be the perfect partnership. Chef Bill McGregory IV was chosen to bring the Spanish theme to life with the best of Gaucho Gourmet’s fine foods.

A last-minute donation of $200,000 from Kim Rapier truly surprised and delighted all the attendees, making the end of the Grand Show nothing less than magical. Founder of Aid the silent was moved to tears.

Fashion in the Hills was fully sponsored by The William, Eagle Dancer Ranch, Bechants, Esperanza Winery LLC, Dripping Springs Distilling, Signarama, Boerne Brewery, Cristobal Licea, and Scarlett Ramey Official.

Special thanks to Gaucho Gourmet, The Flower Shop, and The X Concept.

Scarlett Ramey
The William
+1 2069108690


Join us November 26-28, 2019 for a new tradition leading up to Thanksgiving!

We’ve all been there, it’s Thanksgiving dinner with the WHOLE family when cousin Cindy cheerfully pipes up with “Let’s go around the table and say ONE thing we are grateful for!” For some reason it always takes you by surprise, as you end up scouring your brain for something to share with people you only see during the holidays. You awkwardly mention something as bland and vague as aunt Petunia’s dairy-free mashed potatoes.

Each year we go through the same routine by trying to answer one of the most personal and intimate questions, and we are expected to be meaningful, funny, or vague so we can get to the food. As good as Cindy’s intentions are, it seems unceremoniously weird to appease a table waiting to eat with a beige flavored cliche, as you’re probably much deeper than being grateful for the sweet potato pie.

By the time we get to thanksgiving, we’ve almost completed an entire year filled with different experiences, relationships, highs, lows, and my personal favorite, AFGO’s (Another Flipping Growth Opportunity). Our Team at The William likes to take your year a little more seriously with our first ever Thanksgiving Getaway! We will be lighting The William’s Three Trees of Gratitude.

Individually decorated, these three trees anonymously represent the past, present and future of gratitude.

  1. What we’ve learned: The rough lessons we learned, or learned the hard way, and what we learned, any unexpected surprises that came out of a dark time or something we thought was a failure or mistake. Ie: “I am grateful for losing $10,000 because I learned how to budget my next event.”

  2. What we are proud of/presently grateful for and why. Ie: “I am grateful for the time I have had with my dad because he always makes me feel special.”

  3. Your future gratitudes: (things you want to be grateful for next year). Ie: “I am grateful for buying my first house.”

The William’s Team of Excellence is now opening this opportunity to our guests in a very special, but not woo woo way with our Thanksgiving Getaway! We make Thanksgiving a retreat that’s bound to be a new favorite tradition! Your stay begins with a welcome reception as you check in, Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Your room will have our special retreat SWAG! You’ll receive a stunning Journal to write your thoughts, insulated tumbler for hot or cold beverages and more surprises!

After settling in, we will conduct and lead our first anonymous gratitude session in our Salon. We take your wishes very seriously, and do not encourage sharing unless you are comfortable. We will answer questions and guide possible ideas, but these are all personal and yours. Obviously, to loosen up the creative juices, we will be serving a selection of wines and cheeses.

This will only last from 5-7pm, we will discuss these at your will, listen to holiday music, and write out our anonymous gratitude ornaments for one of the three trees. No names, just thanks for the good, the bad and the uglies of your year. . . I did mention there would be wine, right? We will be making dinner reservations for those wanting to continue the festivities at Cypress Grille just down the steps.

Wednesday morning we will start out in our cozy Salon, where you are encouraged daughn your pajamas, and bundle up in your iconic William robe. Our Team of Excellence will welcome you with mimosas, warm cinnamon rolls, and coffee/tea. We will answer any questions you might have, reflect on any thoughts that came to you in your sleep, and host the second session of gratitude from 9-11AM. Spend the day at your leisure with a variety of fulfilling experiences!

  • Private Luxury Shopping Tour of Bechants.
  • In Room Massages.
  • Horseback Riding on the Guadeloupe River.
  • Ornament Decorating at The William.
  • Luxury Transportation to San Antonio.
  • Full facials

We gently reconvene at 4:30PM in the Salon of The William for hot chocolate and cookies (adult versions available), for the final session. We will also ceremoniously light up each tree! Photo ops are available for this and will be sent to your home as a reminder of a most memorable thanksgiving.

Head downstairs to our award winning restaurant Cypress Grille for a gourmet dining experience, fine wines and meaningful conversation. Meet the owner, wine expert, and CIA trained Chef Paul Thompson, as he makes a special appearance at your table!

You’ll be able to spend Thanksgiving with your loved ones the next day. But for 2 days, leave the cooking and cleaning to us. This Thanksgiving is about YOU!

Scarlett Ramey
(206) 910-8690
To make your reservation today!
November 26-28, 2019



Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.