First Hill Country Influencer of January 2020!

January 23, 2020 by Scarlett Ramey0

It is with great honor that we showcase Tiffany Cheshier, Certified Spray Tan Technician, as our January, 2020 Hill Country Influencer! She has truly transformed the perception of tanning, a simple cosmetic amplifier, into a mission to end skin cancer. Her spray tan expertise from training with Four Seasons Tanning, Perfect Glow, and Eyes on Cancer has given her multiple certifications beyond what is required for the average spray tan technician. When interviewed, she humbly claims,

“While performing a spray tan, I see a lot of my client’s skin up close, I feel professionally responsible to be an extra set of eyes on any possible abnormalities, for early detection and treatment if necessary.”

She encourages her spray tanning clients to see a dermatologist regularly to keep them healthy whether they choose the sun, or her tanning service, Lone Star Glow.  She supports sunscreen use while in the sun, and has perfected the art of spray tanning to create the closest-to-real sun kissed look, coveted by the most avid sun worshiper. For the cosmetically focused, she persuades with the science of aging to dissuade tanning through the sun’s UV rays. To pass the time, and give her clients more bang for their buck, she includes all natural teeth whitening as a service WHILE they are spray tanned!

“I trained to be the best in the art of spray tanning in order to encourage my clients to use sunscreen while in the sun, and attain their sun kissed glow the safe way.”

As a sun lover herself, Cheshier found that giving clients a healthy glow was something she had become passionate about. She bravely started her company, Lone Star Glow in September, 2019.  Her website includes everything for beginners, including instructions on how to prepare, what to expect during the tan, and how to maintain the tan after service. As an added benefit, she prides herself on using paraben and cruelty free, vegan products.

The process is fabulously simple, but from start to finish, a client schedules a time and location, as Cheshier does exclusive appointment based private tanning. At each tanning appointment, she reviews specific skin tones of each client, and the desired glow they want to achieve.  She customizes each tan formula, based on their skin tone and desired result. Female clients remove all makeup, jewelry, and clothes for desired results and comfort level. Disposable thong underwear, sticky feet, hair net, and nose plugs are provided. Men are required to wear shorts or boxers of some sort. Next, they step into the provided tanning tent. A barrier cream is applied to hands, feet, nails, toe nails and any extra dry areas, as the solution absorbs heavier into those areas. A pH balancing spray is then applied to help the DHA, the main tanning ingredient, to absorb. The customized tanning solution is then artistically applied to create a look only obtained through a day in the sun, followed by a complementary drying powder to help dry areas quickly. Each formula is designed to develop naturally and over the course of 24 hours, and instructions are given to maintain the art of the natural sun glow.

Currently pursuing her bachelors in business and management, she is also a proud wife and mom to two beautiful children. Cheshier recently became the Exclusive Spray Tan Expert to The William (a Luxury Boutique Hotel), in Boerne, Texas because she is able to exceed the high demands of their discerning guests. The William’s Chief Marketing Officer, claims,

“Our guests expect the absolute best in luxury services, and we partner with Tiffany, because she truly is concerned about our guests health, while providing expert spray tan artistry. We couldn’t be happier!”

Contact information: Tiffany Cheshier, Owner of Lone Star Glow.  Ph: 325-396-5266  Facebook:

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Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.