Give the Gift of The William

November 21, 2019 by Scarlett Ramey0

Give the Corporate Gift of The William

With the Holidays sneaking up on us, we seem to scramble to show our best customers, hardest working employees, or referring corporate partners how much we appreciate them by offering them “The Gift of the William”.

You asked for it, and we are delivering!

When you give the Gift of The William, you’re not only showing your favorite people how much you appreciate them with a night or two of pure luxury, you’re giving a gift that will always remind them of you. Easy to set up and look like the hero in your office! When you purchase this amazing and memorable gift, we make it fabulously simple to set up, so that their room a true “Thank you” from your company/brand.

We will stop by and collect promotional items, personalized cards from you/management team, and possible stickers for espresso cups etc. We are truly promoting you as the theme in each room you purchase as a corporate gift.

Included for $299/night your special guest receives:

  • Italian Prosecco, Sparkling Cider, Wine or Beverage of Choice on Ice Upon Arrival
  • Personalized card from you/company wishing them a fabulous stay
  • Decorations/Balloons customized by you
  • Your company’s promotional items pens, stickers, gifts
  • Any other personalized gifts you’re wanting to place in their room for an extra “Thank You!”

When you give the Gift of The William you are giving over-the-top service, synonymous with your brand. Original, and personalized, this will be a gift unlike anything else. If this is a favorite customer, you are making them feel like VIP lifers with this experience.

It all gets even better when you realize how easy it is to make someone feel like your favorite! Simply connect with our Marketing Specialist, Scarlett Ramey at (206) 910-8690 or and let her know what company you are with, and start customizing for each guest. The Team at The William will execute the setup of a perfect room showing exactly how much you appreciate them!

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Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.