Valentine’s Day at The William

February 10, 2020 by Lindsey Hayden0

Light the Candles

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Here at The William, we love Valentine’s Day. The strawberries, champagne, sweet cards to pass out to loved ones. It’s a day to really show how much you care about someone. Having a drive to always go beyond the expectations, at The William we like to take that next step with Valentine’s Day too. Why wait for a day on the calendar to express our gratitude for those we love? Furthermore, why wait for anything?

We tend to save things for a “special occasion.” The pretty candles, the good China (people still have good china, right?), gift certificates, fancy hand lotion… All these things are stored away for some unknown, unforeseen, special occasion.

Stop waiting! Enjoy these things before the candle gets dusty and the lotion goes rancid waiting for its “special day.” Stop thinking you don’t deserve to use the nice things now, that no more nice things will come to you so these must be saved. Use it! Enjoy it! Feel what your worth is really like. Pull out your good China when you’re home alone eating pizza and watching Netflix. Light that fancy candle when you get home from work! Appreciate them now!

Celebrate With Us!

To celebrate your commitment to starting now, to not waiting for that special day to begin truly living, The William is offering a special gift this Valentine’s Day. Call us today to book your room at The William for February 14th, 2020, and mention this blog. You will receive a gift basket upon your arrival that includes a deluxe journal, pen, mini bottle of prosecco, and other small gifts. Promise us that you will use these tools and this time to celebrate your Day One of being fully committed to yourself and living a full, authentic life.

Valentine’s Day Packages

To make your Valentine’s Day even more special, when you book right now at The Willam, you can add one of our deluxe Valentine’s Day packages to your stay!

Choose from our 1-Night Package, which includes two tickets to the Boerne Community Theatre’s production of Mixed Couples, plus a $100 credit for Cypress Grille, located just down the steps from your room. This package is valid only for reservations on February, 14th, 2020. 1-Night Package price: 175 + reservation.

Our 2-Night Package includes 2 tickets Mixed Couples at the Boerne Community Theatre, $100 credit at Cypress Grille, PLUS 2 tickets for the Concert in the Cave the following night, featuring the Marbriago Trio! This offer is valid for reservations booked for the 14th-15th of February, 2020. 2-Night Package price: 225 + reservation.

Call us to set up your Valentine’s weekend experience today!

Life is short and every moment is precious. We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us, so live today as fully and authentically as you can. Stop waiting, today is a special day. Relish in it.

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Copyright by The William 2019. All rights reserved.