Explore the Hill Country at Slate Mill Wine Collective

We recently were fortunate to explore the Hill Country at Slate Mill Wine Collective. With a history as rich as its wines, this winery emerges on The William’s list of Hill Country Wineries Not to Miss. Located just South of Fredericksburg Texas, Slate Mill Wine Collective sits perfectly on an estate to be rivaled, withContinue reading “Explore the Hill Country at Slate Mill Wine Collective”

Putting our Attention on Appreciation

As we approach Thanksgiving of 2020, our Team at The William is putting our attention on appreciation. As normal as it is to focus on gratitude and what we are thankful for, we have taken this a step deeper, and we are focussed on showing all of our favorite guests true appreciation. The nature ofContinue reading “Putting our Attention on Appreciation”

Spotlighting Texas Winemaker, Ron Yates

We have had more fun exploring the Texas Hill Country, and spotlighting Texas winemakers as The William. Ron Yates with Spicewood Vineyards was most recently highlighted due to his fascinating story, and a diverse wine selection. From the land that grows the grapes, to the heartwarming stories, and close team relationships, Yates has developed aContinue reading “Spotlighting Texas Winemaker, Ron Yates”

Getting in the Christmas Spirit with The William

With Halloween 2020 behind us, we are getting in the Christmas Spirit with The William! We have a HUGE opportunity to get creative as businesses on Boerne’s Main Street as Dickens on Main was just cancelled. The Christmas spirit is all about coming together and spreading the love, and our family at The William isContinue reading “Getting in the Christmas Spirit with The William”

French Style Wine Tasting in the Texas Hill Country

‘Tis the season for French style wine tasting in the Texas Hill Country! People from all over the world choose this breathtaking location for their Fall getaway! Wineries throughout the Hill country compete each Autumn for the best in food and wine, making the options almost overwhelming. Our guests at The William tend to desireContinue reading “French Style Wine Tasting in the Texas Hill Country”

Think It Through Thursday: Future Forward

Let’s actually think this Thursday about our future. But let’s try to think it all the way through. Right now, in the moment of this day, this week, or this month we have all FELT the challenge of this isolation to some extent. The feeling ranges are pretty narrow right now, as they only onlyContinue reading “Think It Through Thursday: Future Forward”

Self-Care: 10 Quarantine-Friendly Ideas for Your Routine

Just like taking care of your car to ensure it can dependably fulfill its job of getting you where you need to be, taking care of yourself is equally important. And, just like taking care of your car doesn’t just mean giving it a wash, self-care isn’t just taking bubble baths and hitting the nailContinue reading “Self-Care: 10 Quarantine-Friendly Ideas for Your Routine”

4 People Who Should NOT Stay at The William

Just as figuring out who your Perfect Guest is, within the hotel industry, it becomes even MORE important to figure out who will NOT enjoy your hotel. We like to think that everyone has a place at The William, however it’s simply not true! We treat every guest the way we would treat our family,Continue reading “4 People Who Should NOT Stay at The William”

How to Make Your Bridal Party EXTRA Special

Our custom bridal packages at The William are some of the most fun when you have the bridal party stay with us! Custom packages can be set to make your bridesmaids feel EXTRA special! Some of our options include: 1.  Host a Wine/Champs Tasting With a Professional Sommelier What’s a bridal celebration without some bubbles?Continue reading “How to Make Your Bridal Party EXTRA Special”

3 Things to Know When Planning Your Corporate Retreats

We take corporate retreats here at The William terribly seriously, down to the last detail, as we know retreats require a substantial investment, not only in dollars, but in time and effort. Therefore, your corporate retreat goals and objectives, that go beyond just providing you with a fun time, is crucial to us. The keyContinue reading “3 Things to Know When Planning Your Corporate Retreats”